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Few materials,
well selected.

Each material is with its own characteristics the right choice for every element of the kitchen, be it structural, functional or aesthetic.

Low environmental impact, durability, inalterability, quality and a greater feeling of well-being: these are among the main features for those who choose our kitchens.

The safety of our customers is very important to us.
For this, from doors to tops, from mechanics to structures, we have selected suppliers who guarantee us strictly certified products.


Ductile, light and malleable, aluminium is a strong and durable material that is 100% recyclable and has a low environmental impact.
Easy to clean, requires little maintenance.

Baux chooses aluminium for the frame of its doors.


Multilayer is a lightweight material that is physically resistant to both load and moisture-induced deflections.
It is the ideal choice to combine with the mechanics, thus guaranteeing the kitchen a long lasting durability.

Baux chooses poplar plywood for its structures.


In addition to being lightweight and functional, these materials resist wear and tear and moisture; they are easy to clean, environmentally friendly and require little maintenance.

Baux chooses Glass, Wood and Stoneware for the cladding and panels of its doors.


Stoneware is an environmentally friendly material that, thanks to its compactness and 1200° firing during processing, resists scratching and high temperatures, respectively.
Easy to clean, it is the perfect choice as a worktop as it is antibacterial and suitable for food contact.

Baux chooses stoneware for its kitchen countertops.

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