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Our values
become the kitchen.

When we think of the kitchen, we don’t just think of a place to prepare food.

We imagine it as a place that expresses a broader vision, where every single element contributes to something bigger, a unique and vital space designed for people’s well-being.
We collaborate with architects and interior designers who have the ability to transform visions into reality and to translate each individual requirement into a distinctive element, so that each kitchen is a full expression of those who live in it.

We have made precise choices, supported by precise values: minimalist design inspired by the lines and shapes of nature, quality materials that are highly sustainable and recyclable with full respect for people and the environment. Aluminium, stoneware, HPL, poplar plywood and glass.

All guaranteed by certified systems that allow kitchens to last a long time.
For us, well-being in the kitchen means feeling relaxed even after purchase. That is why with our after-sales service we are always at our customers’ side ready to respond to their needs and requirements.

We want those who choose Baux to do so because they see in us a deep connection with their own values and view of the world.

We want people to feel free to be as they are, in all their nuances and uniqueness, just like our kitchens.

Because, for us, there is nothing more beautiful than imagining our customers at home and knowing that they are happy.

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